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This message is dated Monday 28th September 23020 - Windsor

Alert message sent 28/09/2020 16:08:00

Information sent on behalf of Thames Valley Police

FIRST: a warning if you run a business.  We have recently had three nail / hair salons broken into and their tills targeted for the cash float.  If you do run a business, can you ensure there is no cash left in tills over-night ?   If the till is visible from the street, leave the cash draw visible, open and if possible lit - just to make sure anyone checking out the property can see it.  If you have an alarm - or even better ‘Smoke Cloak’ - make sure warning signs are placed in the windows, as a deterrent and set them.  Smoke Cloak is a brilliant anti-theft device.  If a beam is broken / alarm activated, if fills the whole premises with a thick cloud of smoke, making it impossible to see anything - or even find your way out.  It has an additional advantage.  In the smoke is a UV spray, which covers the offender.  It seeps into every crevice in their body, covering their hair, in their ears, all their clothing including between the laces in their trainers.  It is almost impossible to remove from clothing and hidden areas of skin and will immediately identify an offender if a UV light is shone on them !  It is available from most reputable security installers and online.
NEXT: There was a burglary in Sunningdale - but the crime prevention advice, is useful for everyone.  26/9  Saturday 7.40 p.m. The owner received a text message from a neighbour alerting them to their Burglar Alarm sounding.  When they arrived home they found their rear patio doors smashed and a very fast untidy search of the upstairs bedrooms.  Real and costume jewellery, a sewing box and a pillowcase stolen.  Opportunist thieves cannot ‘go equipped’, to commit burglaries.  That includes something to take away any stolen items.  Instead, they wait until they have found a suitable target and then look for the necessary tools and bags there.  It is often tools from a garden shed / garage, used to break in.  They will then look inside for a sports bag.  If none is available, they will remove a pillowcase from a bed and use that.  Often if they have time, they will empty jewellery boxes / bedside tables onto the bed to sort through to take only the most valuable jewellery.  If as in this case, they are in a hurry, they will simply dump everything into the pillowcase and run.
It is vital therefore, that you do not store valuable jewellery in a jewellery box on a dressing table.  Valuable - not only means high priced items, but often more precious sentimental items.  High priced items, can be replaced with Insurance payouts.  Family sentimental items of jewellery, which may have little financial value, may be the items most missed as they can never be replaced.  You know your house best.  Go through your jewellery, keep what you wear regularly available, but hidden and all the other items, well secured.  You know if you have a loose floorboard, behind the kick boards in your kitchen, a secret place, it would take an opportunist thief more than 5 minutes to find - as simple as that.  An opportunist thief will not be in your home for more than 5 minutes in case you return.  DO IT TODAY.
NEXT:  Hi Jeff,
I hope you are well and had a good weekend!  
Please could you help promote this for us - we have some more FREE training opportunities for our community groups and volunteers - plus some funding information and advice.  
Thank you so much.  
Kind Regards
Asma Aziz
WAM Gets Involved/Slough CVS

ESFA Community Training Grants

The grants of between £5,000 and £20,000 are available in Thames Valley Berkshire for projects supporting unemployed and economically inactive people on their journey towards employment. The deadline for applications to be considered for the next round of funding is 9am Monday 26th October. For more information please see link below.
For more information please go to:
Deadline: 9am on 26 October 2020
The Louis Baylis Charitable Trust

The Trust distributes grants worth a total of more than £100,000 to more than 100 recipients each year and has a policy of distributing the majority of the grants to local organisations and charities, the balance going to regional and national organisations
The majority of applications for grants from the Trust are received by post from local and national charities and organisations that are aware of the Trust.
The Trust supports all sections of the community served by the publications of Baylis Media Ltd and actively encourages applications for grants from the Trust.
The bulk of donations are made to benefit the elderly and the young, although many other groups including the arts are also supported.
Support is also given to both regional and national charities.
For more information please go to:
Deadline: 6 November 2020
British Science Week 2021 Community Grants

The community grant scheme is available to support British Science Week (5-14 March 2021) activities.
This scheme offers £500 to £2,000 grants for community groups that work directly with audiences who are traditionally under-represented and currently not engaged in science activity. Our definition of groups that are underrepresented in science includes:
  • people from ethnic minorities
  • people with low socio-economic status, including people disadvantaged in terms of education and income
  • people with a physical or mental condition or impairment
  • people living in a remote and rural location, defined as settlements of less than 10,000 people
  • girls and women
Deadline: 5pm on 9 November 2020

Hidden Carers: East Berkshire and Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
Phone line extended until the end of December to help “hidden” Carers across Berkshire
East Berkshire and Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), together with Signal4Carers, are pleased to extend a Berkshire wide Freephone number until the end of December, to support those who maybe looking after someone
If you are looking after a relative there is help for you.  Call Freephone 0800 133 7851.  Monday - Friday 10 a.m. / 4 p.m. with a 24 hour answerphone service.
For more information please go to:
Berkshire Vision:
Referring clients/members to Berkshire Vision 

If you would like to find out more about self referring someone you know who is visually impaired to Berkshire Vision, their contact details are:

Telephone: 0118 987 2803


Driven Forward Community Fridge:
A simple solution to wasting less, the sharing of good quality food.
Find the Fridge at Alexandra Gardens Car park, (by the Yellow Duck Boat), Alma Road, Windsor, SL4 3HY

Opening hours every day from 7/9 between 12 noon / 2 p.m.

Contact :

A limit of 10 items can be picked up
The Voluntary Sector Forum:
The next WAMGI Forum will be on Wednesday 18 November @1pm - As well as the usual lively discussion, we will be inviting The National Lottery Community Fund to talk about what new funding opportunities they will have moving into 2021.
Register now for a Zoom attendance at:
We have planned lots of new exciting training opportunities so keep a look out!

Can't find the training you are looking for? No problem, get in touch with us at
and we'll do our best to organise your required training at no cost to your group or charity.

Note: Please can we ask you to let us know if you cannot attend any training you are booked on to, as although it is free to all of our community groups, we still pay for the trainer and the service and your place can be made available to someone else.
Tips to looking after yourself when working from home and avoiding Zoom fatigue’ training

Time: 10am
Date: 30 September 
Venue: Virtual Zoom Meeting – 1 hour

The Slough Working Well Group has decided to put together a series of virtual events to help you as some Covid-19 restrictions remain in force. We will be providing you with information, advice and guidance that will help you to find the right kind of support that will help you in your current situation and with the gradual return to work of your employees.
For more information about the session:
To reserve your place then please contact: Bob Jones -
Volunteer Passport Training:
If you have been affected by redundancy, join the Volunteer Passport training to up skill or start your volunteer journey:  - 1 October, 9:30 - 11:30am

To complete your Volunteer Passport, you will need to book onto the final module, 'Communications Skills'; watch out for the new date to be announced soon. 
Introduction to ‘Theory of Change’ - planning, evaluation & participation

Time: 4:30pm - 6:45pm
Date: 1 October 
Venue: Online via Zoom

An introduction to the ‘theory of change’ approach to planning, evaluation and participation training.

Are you determined to demonstrate the positive impact of involving young people and carers in service design/delivery?
Have you previously struggled to demonstrate the impact of your project on young people’s wellbeing?

Come to our training delivered by YoungMinds to learn about:
What is a Theory of Change and why is it an effective way of evaluating projects
Why we’re creating a Theory of Change for the Young Health Champions programme East Berkshire
Components of a Theory of Change and an Evaluation Plan
How a Theory of Change helps you map the impact of your project
How does a Theory of Change help you create an Evaluation Framework
How a Theory of Change helps to make the case for participation
Register now:

Fundraising from Trusts;
This training will take place on Wednesday 7 Oct (10am - 12noon)
Charitable trusts expect high quality applications and competition is increasingly high since the pandemic. This online session will explore what funders are looking for, the benefits of partnerships working, how to identify the right funder for your organisation, and how to create the most compelling case.
To register:
Surviving Economic Abuse:
With the introduction of economic abuse in the forthcoming statutory definition of Domestic Abuse, Surviving Economic Abuse invites learners from traditional and non traditional Domestic Abuse Stakeholders, to attend this training.
The aim of this training is to raise awareness of Economic Abuse and provide an opportunity for learners to consider how they can contribute to the economic safety of victim-survivors of economic abuse. 
This course offers a level 3 accreditation.  
This training will take place on the following dates:

Thursday 15 Oct (9:30am - 1pm)

Thursday 5 Nov (9:30am - 1pm)
To Register:
Zoom Training - Intermediate Level:
Time: 10am – 12pm
Date: 20 October 
Venue: Online via Zoom

This training is especially important to anyone who is thinking about hosting and scheduling training, an event or other group activity using zoom. We will look at how to use break out rooms, polls, virtual backgrounds and the whiteboard function.

To Register:
Promoting Your Organisation Using Social Media
Time: 12:45pm – 2:25pm
Date: 4 November 
Venue: Online via Zoom
This will involve using Twitter, FB, Snapchat and other platforms as a means of expanding your audience and engaging with more members of the community. The trainer will also discuss useful tips on connecting with charity bloggers, stakeholders and how to manage online communities.
To Register:
I have attached reference numbers to each crime report. If you live in the vicinity of any of the crimes mentioned and have CCTV or a video doorbell, can you please check the footage. If you have any that might be of interest to the police, can you please make contact with us, quoting reference number given.
I have added a new email address below.  The first email address is directly to your local Neighbourhood Team.  The second is to our investigation team.  Please use it to send any intelligence / video doorbell / CCTV footage you may have, which is relevant to any of the crimes lists below - quoting the reference number.
Alternatively you can call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or email -
25/9  Friday 5.30 p.m.  Bakery, Peascod Street.  Walk in theft.  The staff were clearing and closing up, when a man walked in and up to the second floor.  They entered a staff room and stolen a wallet from a backpack.  They then walked out.  Later the aggrieved, who did not know the wallet had been stolen, received texts from their bank, saying that there had been unusual expenditure in shops along Leonard’s Road.  Ref. No:  43200302941
27/9  William Street.  Bike locked in a bike rack stolen.  A black Trek, mountain bike.  Ref. No:  43200304101
27/9  Sunday 3.45 p.m. / 5 p.m.  Victoria Road, Eton Wick.  The Aggrieved were out in Englefield Green, when their car was broken into and a handbag containing car keys and paperwork was stolen.  Later their black, Land Rover Discovery index LR ** DHA was stolen from outside their house.  Ref. No:  43200304059
26/9  Saturday 6.10 p.m.  Salon, Dedworth Road.  Burglary.  A witness head the alarm sounding and rushed outside to see two men wearing dark clothing running away. The witness gave chase and saw one man carrying what looked like the till, down Manor Road towards Smith’s Lane, but lost them.  The owner arrived and confirmed the till containing the next day’s float, had been stolen.  Ref. No:  43200302858.  Does anyone in that area have a video doorbell / CCTV which captured anyone running away or walking wearing dark clothing before or after this time ?  If so, please forward it to the SR email above including the reference number.
26/9  Saturday 8 p.m. / 10 p.m.  Parsonage Lane.  Burglary  The owners went out, but when they returned, they found the doors open and an untidy search of the house had taken place.  The offenders had found a ladder outside and used it to climb onto a flat roof beside the upstairs bedrooms.  Entry through a first floor bedroom window by unknown means as there was no damage to the window.  Drawers and cupboards were turned out and jewellery, car keys X 2, house keys and a laptop were stolen.  The laptop had a tracker system loaded and they were able to trace it through Clewer New Town, Vansittart Roar, Stovell Road and the Leisure Pool car park where the signal was lost.  Ref. No:  43200303442.  If you have a mobile phone / laptop - please load a Tracker App !  You never know when you may need it ??
25/9  Friday 7 a.m. / 9 a.m.  Riding Court Road, Datchet.  Tools stolen from a works site.  Ref. No:  43200302426
26/9  Saturday 1 p.m. / 8 p.m.  Church Road.  Bike left outside a care home stolen.  A grey & red, Bantu mountain bike.  Ref. No:  43200303656
Please consider using our online reporting system but please note this reporting tool is not for use where a crime happening right now, the suspect is still at the scene, or anyone seriously injured or in immediate danger.
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Eyes, ears.....and Brain


The lockdown has resulted in many neighbourhoods drawing closer together in supporting local residents with needs, and in neighbours spending a lot more time talking to each other over fences or across the road. This has improved community spirit to no end, and a great way to keep this spirit alive is for residents to join their local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or start up a new scheme if there is not already one covering their respective street.

Neighbourhood Watch is not just about looking out the window and being alert for any crime in the neighbourhood, it is much more than that. It serves as a valuable resource for crime prevention, in supporting the Police with things such as local home security surveys, installing crime prevention aids in homes for the vulnerable and elderly especially, helping those vulnerable and elderly residents with any other needs, and in drawing residents together in supporting one another.
The Windsor & Ascot NHW Association is making great strides in reactivating and expanding Neighbourhood Watch within the various parishes of Windsor & Ascot. Its Facebook page (@WindsorAscotNHW) is receiving multiple enquiries from interested residents and serves as a means to highlight local issues relating to crime and residents in need. New NHW schemes are continuously being set up with active Coordinators, and residents within those scheme areas can now benefit from the new initiatives being introduced by Neighbourhood Watch and Thames Valley Police.
To search for your nearest NHW scheme, or to set up a new scheme, visit and enter your postcode. 

For any questions relating to Neighbourhood Watch please contact the Windsor & Ascot NHW Association at

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Jeffrey Pick (Police, Community Engagement & Resilience Officer, Windsor & Maidenhead LPA)

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