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Oxford Neighbourhood Watch and Community Newsletter 31-10-21

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Oxford Neighbourhood Watch and Community Newsletter 31-10-21
collated by Maggie Lewis - Voluntary Area Representative and Administrator for Oxford Neighbourhood Watch. 
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Neighbourhood Watch
1) County Lines and Exploitation Webinar
2) Communities that care (attachment)
Oxford Neighbourhood Watch
1) Town Hall - Free  Cyber Crime Prevention Presentation (for members and non-members)
2) The Leys Neighbourhood Watch Litter Pick (attachment)
Thames Valley Police (Oxford)
1) Witness Appeal -Cowley
2) Witness Appeal - Banbury Road
3) Operation Boo
Neighbourhood Policing Teams
1) Cowley and Wood Farm (Tailgating/ Community Engagement) (attachment)
2) East Oxford (Police personnel changes)
3) Rose Hill (football match) (attachment)
Crime Prevention
1) Harassment
2) Burglary
1) Amazon
2) Primark
3) Personal Experiences
Oxford City Council
1) Halloween
2) Electric car chargers vandalised
Community Safety
1) Halloween (attachment)
2) Fire Safety Tips
Oxfordshire Fire and Safety 
1) Seasonal safety
Community Safety
1) Urgent supermarket recalls
Community Information
1) East Oxford - report it
2) Closure of household waste recycling centres in November
General Information
1) Oxford doctors: alternatives if you can’t get through on the phone
2) Advice on dash cams

Dear Citizen
I hope that you all put the clocks back last night and enjoyed the extra hour in bed - now the nights are darker we need to be safe and seen with thanks to Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue for timely advice.
Be safe be seen
Be safe be seen.  You may see the driver but have they seen you?
Will you be bright and help drivers to see you especially at night?
You could wear something bright or light coloured.  
Or clothing and accessories that incorporate reflective materials. These are good especially at dawn and dusk, or in rainy or foggy conditions.
In the morning and at night
Be cautious when walking at dawn or twilight.  As drivers still have limited visibility or may even have the setting or rising sun directly in their eyes.
When possible always use the pavement
Always use a pavement or footpath whenever these are available. Take care particularly around entrances to driveways and car parks.
No pavement?
Walk on the right hand side of the road to face traffic coming towards you.
Walking one behind the other.
Take extra care if you can't see the road very far ahead e.g. bends in the road.

1) County Lines and Exploitation webinar
If you want to know more about disrupting county lines and exploitation you can sign up free for a webinar on 9th November 9th 4-6.30pm

2) Communities that care  (attachment of presentation)
What is Communities that Care?
Neighbourhood Watch (NW) is determined to tackle these issues. Our Communities that Care programme is a community led approach that helps older people protect themselves from fraud by harnessing the power of communities to overcome it. When so many of us know someone who has been affected by fraud, having conversations with friends, family and neighbours can have a widespread impact, helping to remove stigma, spread information and provide a listening ear.
Communities that Care creates resilient communities by addressing fraud in a way that can easily be adapted to the different needs of varying types of community, the confidence and connections of the volunteers involved and the level of involvement of local partners. The programme establishes local links with partners such as Trading Standards, the police and banks’ fraud prevention teams and draws on untapped resources within the community to supplement and strengthen these official channels.

1) Town Hall - Free  Cyber Crime Prevention Presentation (for members and non-members)
You are invited to attend this free presentation -(limited numbers so please book early to avoid disappointment)

Simply register for your space

You will receive your link to the event once you have registered
We are delighted to be able to invite you to a one-off presentation on Cyber Crime Prevention at the Oxford Town Hall on Tuesday 18th November from 2pm-3.30pm 
We are delighted to welcome expert guest speaker  Mr Mark Godsland, Thames Valley Police and SEROCU Police Cyber Security Advisor

The presentation will focus on the current Cyber Aware campaign, looking at the 6 top tips to protect yourselves and stay secure online
Also covering
Phishing -Examples of current COVID-19, Vaccination Scams, Holiday scams
Reporting of suspicious emails, text messages and websites
Other examples of common digital enabled fraud
Privacy settings / over sharing of personal information on social media
How and where to report Fraud and Cyber Crime.
Summary and signposting to further advice, guidance and information

What is Cyber Crime?
Several million cases of fraud and of computer misuse are reported to the police every year. It's staggering, but even more staggering is that so many of those crimes could have been prevented by making a few small changes in online behaviour
To avoid becoming a victim of online crime you don’t need to be a computer expert. Developing a few good online habits drastically reduces your chances of becoming a victim of cyber crime, makes you less vulnerable and lets you use the web safely

Event Details
Tuesday 18th November 2021
2.00pm - 3.30pm
Face-to-face at the Town Hall
Register for your FREE place
How to register for the event

Simply register for your space

You will receive your link to the event once you have registered

2) The Leys Neighbourhood Watch Litter Pick (attachment)
Please join us on the day and put in diary. If you are bringing child(ren) please can you let me know so I can get small pickers. If you are likely to come please let me know for numbers.

1) Witness Appeal (Cowley)
Thames Valley Police is appealing for witnesses following a domestic related public order incident in Oxford in which a man has reportedly attended an address with a bladed article.
At approximately 11.50am yesterday (25/10) officers were called to reports that a man attempted to start a fight with residents at an address in Dodgson Road.
He is reported to have been in possession with a knife or similar bladed item which was in a sheath, making threats to occupants of a property.
The man made off in the direction of Barns Road before officers arrived and nobody was injured in the incident.
Investigating officer Detective Constable Katie Derrick of the Priority Crime Team, based at Oxford police station, said: “This incident occurred just before noon in a built up residential area.
“Officers responded to the initial call, but following an area search, nobody was located and investigations are ongoing.
“I would like to appeal to anybody who was in the area of Dodgson Road yesterday between 11.45am and 12noon and witnessed this incident to please contact Thames Valley Police, either online or by calling 101, quoting reference number 43210481249.
“I would like to reassure the local community that at this early stage of our investigation, we believe the offender was known to the victims, and as such, we don’t believe there is any wider threat to the local community.
“However, we are keen to speak to anybody who witnessed what happened, or who may have dash-cam or CCTV footage of the incident to get in contact with us.
“We have conducted house to house and CCTV enquiries and are progressing the investigation.
“If you wish to remain 100% anonymous, you can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
“Members of the public with any footage can also submit this confidentially via the following dedicated Digital Evidence link”

2) Witness Appeal (Banbury Road)
A SAFE was taken during a night-time burglary in Oxford.
At about 10pm on October 15, four people climbed into a property in Banbury Road through a window and stole a safe.
The four individuals were met by a car at the traffic lights near Lovelace Square at about 10.10pm.
They put the safe in and drove away from the area.
Thames Valley Police (TVP) believes a number of cars passed the individuals as they were putting the safe into the vehicle.
Anyone who witnessed this or has dash cam footage that may have captured something is urged to contact the force.
Use TVP’s online form or call 101, quoting reference number 43210466434.
Alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously via the website or on 0800 555 111.

3) TVP Oxford (from Twitter) 
We will be conducting 'Operation Boo' patrols across Oxford this weekend to deter ASB & encourage Halloween to be enjoyed whilst respecting those that do not wish to celebrate.
Stay safe & have fun
Link for no trick or treat poster to print:

1) Cowley and Wood Farm NHPT (social media)
Wood Farm
Although this relates to a Tower Block it can relate to all controlled buildings.
The Cowley and Woodfarm team have had reports of ASB within Foresters Tower. Please be aware of who you are letting into the building and who is following in behind you.

Cowley and Woodfarm NHPT are in Templars Shopping Centre this weekend. We are giving out safety advice around Halloween and Bonfire night. We are in the centre all weekend if you would like to come speak to us

2) East Oxford
Changes in NHPT
Sergeant Neil Bouse P6639
Police Officers
Alex Locke P6552
Raymond Tse P7374
Grace Wiseman (Myself) C9948
Jacob Soanes C1105
Luke Pollard C9637
Helen Duffield C9356

3) Rose Hill NHPT (attachment)
Rosehill community football match set up by Rosehill NHPT with support from Greater Leys FC and Rosehill Youth Club to make this all happen. Thank you to all the players that participated

1) Harassment
Harassment - 5Ds - how you can help intervene/ stop a person being harassed 
Check in with the person being harassed. Acknowledge that what happened wasn’t ok. And that it’s definitely not their fault. Show the support they need, that you’d appreciate too, if roles were reversed. A little empathy goes a long way
Call out what’s going on to someone nearby and ask them if they can do something about it. You can also ask someone with authority wherever you are: whether a bus driver, security, a bartender, or even the police. Asking someone else to help still counts as you helping
This might seem pretty straight forward, but before you turn your camera on, remember to do it to support the person being harassed, not just to record something terrible happening.
Most importantly, always ask the person being harassed what they want to do with the footage. Never post it online or use it without their permission.
Speak up and call the harasser out. Tell the harasser that's what they’re doing is not ok. Don't get in an argument, though. Just ask them to leave the victim alone, or talk to the person being harassed about what's going on. Only use Direct as a last resort to prevent violence. Your safety and their safety comes first.
Distract is an indirect way to draw attention away from what’s going on. Other ways to distract are:
Ask for directions, the time, or the nearest ATM
Get in the way
Cause a commotion
“Accidentally” drop something or knock something over
Simply standing next to them and not saying anything can work just as well.

2) Burglary 
The clocks went back at 2am and there is an anticipated increase in burglary so this is a check list. 
My personal extra is please lock your bikes securely with a D lock and lock them to a fixed structure that may deter the bike thief. Preferably with one lock to each wheel.

Lock all doors and windows while you are out or away.
If you have an alarm system, don’t forget to set it.
Check that side gates, sheds, and garages are locked and tools or ladders are not accessible.
Store all house, car and window keys out of sight and away from doors and windows.
Make your home look occupied by using a timer switch to turn on lights, a radio or TV from dusk.  
Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your house if you are going to be away.
Invite a neighbour to park a vehicle on your drive to help create the impression of occupancy while you are away.
For more crime prevention advice, please visit and search ‘burglary’.

1) Amazon scams
More than one million households in the UK could have been victims of Amazon ‘brushing’
At first glance, receiving packages you haven’t paid for might seem like a great problem to have. But it’s likely to be a new scam known as ‘brushing’.
This type of fraud involves Amazon sellers setting up accounts in a stranger’s name, then sending their products to an unsuspecting recipient.
They then use this account they’ve set up to write fake ‘verified reviews’ in a bid to improve their seller ratings.
In this case, it’s likely that the member’s name and address had been leaked somewhere.  
What to do if you’re a victim of ‘brushing’
It’s always good to be cautious where personal data is concerned, report the incident to Amazon, change their password and order a new credit card.

2) Fake Primark gift card emails
Phishing emails promising Primark gift card ‘rewards’ have been circulating. They work by claiming that you need to ‘activate the delivery’ in order to receive the reward and even attempt to deceive you by including ‘your account information’. 

3) Personal Experience
A scam from one of our Coordinators
Martin Lewis, the money savings expert, has often mentioned that there were scams falsely endorsed with his name. I had never seen one but one of our Coordinators has sent in this which is could easily be fallen for. Please note the header has been removed but this is usually the first place to check any suspicious email/text.
Other clues are -
The seduction of a celebrity and the urgency that you have to act now are all warnings to forward an email to as our Coordinator has already done.

From:News Alert < (email address has been
modied and links removed
To: xxxx
28/10/21 12:06
Your chance has come
We are in a crisis. The health panic is followed by an economic panic. People stop
going out, stop shopping and dramatically reduce spending. This has an
immediate impact on cashflow. Without cash, businesses go bust. Without cash,
suppliers don't get paid and they in turn can't pay their creditors. The knock-on
effect will be swift. Tax revenue will seize up. In addition, businesses without cash
can't pay their employees who must be laid off. This exacerbates the slump.
Unfortunately, as cashflow dries up, those with cash will hoard it. Hoarding is the
natural reaction to a panic – witness what is happening right now in supermarkets.
The same will happen with cash. As more and more cash disappear from balance
sheets, more and more cash will be hoarded.
So, what are the do's and don'ts in these difficult times? We consult with a great
finances expert Martin Lewis who recognizes the pivotal role of Economics in all of
our daily lives and it is his aim to make the 'dismal science' as captivating and accessible as possible.

OXFORD CITY COUNCIL  (NHS/Government attachment)
1) It's Halloween weekend
We hope you have a SPOOKTACULAR weekend full of treats.
If you're celebrating with friends or family this year, remember that meeting outdoors is safer. If you do meet indoors, keep the windows open to let fresh air in and any ghosts out.

2) Electric car charges vandalised (Oxford Mail)
THREE electric car chargers have been vandalised in Oxford.
Oxford City Council has been made aware of damage to three of its electric vehicle chargers at the top of Southfield Road, Frenchay Road in North Oxford, and Sandfield Road in Headington.
The chargers are currently out of action and the city council is now arranging repairs.
The damage was caused by someone trying to bypass the payment system and charge their vehicle for free.
All of the attempts were unsuccessful due to failsafe systems in the chargers.
For those who use these EV chargers, alternative nearby chargers are still available in Manzil Way or fast chargers in Stone Street and Juxon Street. A list of alternative chargers can also be found by visiting Zap Map.
Mish Tullar, Oxford City Council’s Head of Corporate Strategy said: “This kind of criminal damage not only results in inconvenience to electric vehicle users, it also means that the Council has to divert resources to repairing the units.
"The would-be thieves were thwarted however as our chargers all have systems in place to stop unpaid-for use.
“The police have been informed about the incident. We’re asking anyone who saw the vandalism taking place, or sees damage being carried out to any of the Council’s EV charging points to contact the police or the City Council.”

1) Seasonal Safety
At this time of year, Children's outfits are more likely to come into contact with candles, sparklers and fires.
Ensure that any costumes have the CE mark and have undergone additional testing where possible.
Keeps safe this Halloween and Fireworks night, and have fun. More tips can be found at

1) Urgent health warning recalls (listed in below link)

1) East Oxford - report it

2) Closure of household waste recycling centres in November
Our HWRCs will temporarily close to carry out a deep clean and essential maintenance.
Redbridge (Oxford)Thursday 18 and Friday 19 November
This is the link for other site temporary closures

1) Oxford doctors: alternatives if you can’t get through on the phone
The NHS website
NHS app
NHS 111
Urgent Treatment Centre (walk-in centre or minor injury unit)
See Oxford Mail article for more information

2) Advice on dash cams
In the UK videoing of a normal street scene for private domestic use is permitted, and dash-cams fall under this category. However the publishing of such video recordings in the public domain, such as social media sites, especially to name and shame individuals, is outside this scope of permissibility and falls under the DPA and GDPR.
The sole purpose of a dash cam is to record ones private journey to support evidence of any incident that may befall the drover during that journey. It is not for general public consumption.
Many dash cams also record sound, and any person who gets into the vehicle as a passenger should not have their private conversation recorded without being notified or DPA rules followed.
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Maggie Lewis (NWN, Multi Scheme Administrator, Thames Valley, Oxford LPA)
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