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Oxford Neighbourhood Watch and Community Weekly Newsletter

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Welcome to Oxford Neighbourhood Watch and Community Weekly Newsletter
8-5-22 collated by Maggie Lewis - Volunteer Area Neighbourhood Watch  Representative and  Administrator covering Oxford LPA. 
This weekly newsletter is for reading and/or sharing in entirety or copying and pasting. 
The index is available so you can read all or just the items of interest.  Any information, contributions and replies will be gratefully received.
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Neighbourhood Watch 
1) Survey
2) Neighbourhood Watch Week

Oxford Neighbourhood Watch 
1) Victims of Crime 
2) Self-declared schemes
Thames Valley Police
1) Violence Against Women and Girls

TVP (Oxford)
1) Headington 
2) Queen Street
3) New CCTVs
4) Safety at night in the City

Crime Prevention
1) Doorbell cameras

Crime Information
1) Free National Property Registry

1) Take Five with Your Family and Loved ones
2) How to prevent scams
3) Royal Mail
4) Iceland and Morrisons Facebook
5) Victims of scams

Oxfordshire County Council
1) Top Tips for Cyclists

Oxford City Council
1) Congratulations
2) Home Improvement Agency
3) Contact us - Oxford City Council website
4) Cost of Living advice and support drop-in event
5) Oxford Recycles

General Information
1) House Fires
2) Young motorcycle riders
3) Private e scooters
4) BT Landline changes
5) Slow down you're going too fast
6) Mandatory speed limiter on new cars
7) Volunteer Celebration Award 
8) Road closures
9) Eid Extravaganza

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this year’s theme is loneliness.

Neighbourhood Watch survey
1) Take part in our Neighbourhood Watch survey 25th April – 15th May 2022
Please spread the word - we want to gain the broadest possible range of responses representing the diversity of England and Wales, especially those in cities and high crime areas. Please help us by sharing this survey link with your friends, family and networks. Forward this email, or post this link to your WhatsApp or social media groups.

2) Neighbourhood Watch Week
We are so excited this month to celebrate NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH WEEK from 30th May to 5th June. Please send photos and stories of your events to us via or upload them to your social media accounts tag us and use the hashtag #NeighbourhoodWatchWeek. We can’t wait to see your celebrations!

1) Victims of Crime 
Many residents join NW after being a victim of crime. Why wait? Help yourself and your neighbours by helping to prevent crime - your local knowledge is the key to reducing and preventing crime.
For all - Please put your postcode in  'Find my local scheme' at top of page and you will see your nearest schemes. If no scheme, why not start one - as a Coordinator you run your scheme to meet the needs of your neighbourhood, group, residents' association, educational and religious establishment etc.  Takes the time and commitment you can offer - the basics are to be the main contact with your PCSO should there be any issues locally and to receive and share information via Alert messaging, emails, whatsapp groups and for those that aren't on the internet.  Benefits to individuals and communities to reduce crime and build community resilience. Any queries please reply below.

Area Coordinators needed to find local Coordinators.

Being a member of Neighbourhood Watch can
*Reduce / prevent local crime and disorder
*Reduce fear of crime
*Address issues relating to antisocial behaviour
*Create safer neighbourhoods
*Build community spirit and cohesion
*Reassure members of the public
*Enhance partnership working with other community groups
*Assist in the detection and apprehension of criminals through members providing information to the police
*Improve quality of life and the local environment

2) Self-declared schemes 
There are no approved self-declared Watches any more so please register to be insured, use the logo or be attached to Neighbourhood Watch. Registration is to a Code of Ethics from Neighbourhood Watch (National).  Only registered scheme Coordinators are allocated a dedicated PCSO (in Oxford), can use the NW logo and have road signs approved by Highways. Coordinators will get full benefits from the website as well as being seen as a trusted member in their community.

1) Violence Against Women and Girls
Make the choice to end Violence Against Women and Girls.
The TV PCC Do the Right Thing campaign encourages men to recognise sexual harassment and misogynistic behaviour from others and give them the confidence to call it out when they witness it.
Watch the video here:

TVP OXFORD (from social media)
1) Witness Appeal (attachment)
We are releasing images of a man who may have vital information about an assault causing actual bodily harm.
At around 9.45am on Friday 1 April, the offender pushed the victim out of Boots in Templar Shopping Centre, Cowley.

2) Warrant executed
On Friday 29 April the Oxford Neighbourhood Team executed a Section 8 warrant at a guest house in Headington, following reports and intelligence of the property being used to facilitate sex-workers.
TVP worked alongside Victims First Service, Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service to tackle all aspects of risk.
No suspects of modern slavery were found, but a number of females inside the address were identified as sex-workers and were offered specialist support and safeguarding referrals put in place.
Sergeant David Vermeulen said “This kind of activity puts a considerable risk to the females involved, who are sometimes victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. There is then an impact on the safety of the local community.
"I am grateful to all the agencies involved, thanks to effective partnership working, we have safeguarded vulnerable females and the greater community. The Neighbourhood Team will continue to monitor the address and work with the local community to tackle this problem."

3) Queen Street (attachment)
Do you recognise this man?
We believe he may have vital information about an assault in Hanks on Queen Street, Oxford, at around 1.30am on Sunday 17 April.
Anyone with information should 101 or visit our website, quoting ref 43220164634.

4) New CCTVs
New CCTV cameras have been installed from Park End St to Cowley Road.
The Nightsafe Oxford Network members connect to the CCTV Control Room by radio to help keep Oxford city centre safe.
More info on our work here

5) Safety at night in the City
Are there areas of the city you feel less safe? We want to hear from you!
Download the app and tell us your views

1) Who's at your door? Have you considered buying a bell with a camera?
*It’s an excellent visual deterrent, not just burglary but also unwanted doorstep traders
*It can provide valuable video footage
*You can monitor your deliveries
*It can help you screen (and talk to) your visitors before answering the door
*You can see who is coming and going
* If you set one up for a vulnerable member of your family, it’s a great way for you to help safeguard them from unwanted callers when you aren’t at the property yourself

Have you thought about securing your home further with CCTV?
Technology which allows you to monitor your home and property has changed considerably in recent years. The Internet of Things [IOT] now includes Wi-Fi doorbells and camera systems.
These can be linked to your phone and tablet to alert you to any activation and view your property in real time.
There is more information and help here -

1) National property register (FREE)
Register a Bicycle
Register a Mobile Phone
Register an iPhone
Register a Laptop and PC
Register a Watch
Register a Power Tool
Register Keys
Register a Golf Club

Benefits of Registration
Immobilise helps Police identify the owners of recovered property thousands of times every day.
Property updates you make are immediately available to the Police nationally.
Combat the sale of stolen gadgets & valuables
Simplify insurance claims and Police reports with certificates of ownership.
1) Take Five with Your Family and Loved ones

2) How to prevent fraud
STOP: Taking a moment to stop and think before parting with your money or information could keep you safe
CHALLENGE: Could it be fake? It is OK to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you
PROTECT: Contact your bank immediately if you think you've fallen for a scam and report it to Action Fraud
3) Royal Mail
Royal Mail and Trading Standards have joined forces to launch a new initiative to tackle scam mail in the postal system. If you think you or a family member is receiving scam mail, you can report it. If you have received items of mail you believe to be from a fraudster please send them with a covering letter to FREEPOST SCAM MAIL.
You can also email to or report your concerns by calling 03456113413. They will send you a scam mail report form for completion together with a prepaid addressed envelope in which to return the form with examples of the scam mail received.

4) Iceland and Morrisons
Spoof Facebook accounts posing as Iceland and Morrisons have had their posts shared on Facebook tens of thousands of times. The posts state that the supermarkets have ‘thousands of food products due to expire’ that they’d ‘normally bin’, but are instead giving it all away to anyone who shares and comments on the post. The cost of living crisis is even referenced, with the posts mentioning that they ‘know times are tough at the moment’. Here’s what they look like and what they're trying to do.

5) Victims of scams
If you are worried you have been scammed here is what you can do:
If you have responded to a scam cease all further communications immediately. Call your bank directly and cancel any recurring payments - for speed and ease, most can call a new Telephone number 159 hotline, 
Report the scam to the Police through Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or report a scam anonymously on the Action Fraud website.

Top Tips for Cyclists
Obey traffic signs and traffic lights; the Highway Code applies to cyclists too.
Cycle at least half a metre from the kerb to avoid drains and gutters.
Never pass nearside between traffic and the pavement especially close to junctions, particularly with large vehicles where the driver may not have seen you in their wing mirrors.
Don’t ride on the pavement, except where it is designated as cycle path - where this is the case, moderate your speed and take care when passing pedestrians and give way at junctions.
If a road junction is busy, do not feel you have to continue cycling; you can always get off push your bike / walk on the pavement.
Don't weave in and out of traffic or change direction suddenly without signalling.
Give pedestrians priority when necessary.
Use your bell to inform other road users of your presence - fit a bell if your bicycle is not fitted with one.
If you are not confident cycling in moving traffic you may want to consider further cycle training.
1) Congratulations to every Oxford City Councillor who was elected in the May 2022 elections.

2) Home Improvement Agency
Home Improvement Agency provides a support service for disabled and vulnerable people live safely and independently in their own homes by providing advice, assistance and grants for home adaptations, repairs, heating, dementia, falls prevention, safety within the home and energy efficiency.

3) Contact us - Oxford City Council website
You can report issues, order services, pay for things, and find information quickly and easily on this website.

4) Cost of Living advice and support drop-in event
As the latest ONS statistics reveal more than eight out of 10 adults have seen a rise in their cost of living, Oxford City Council is organising a free drop-in event at the Town Hall to provide residents with advice and support.
The event is being held on Tuesday 17 May from 10am to 1pm and is open to all Oxford residents. Council teams and external experts including Charis an energy hardship fund administrator, Oxford advice agencies, home insulation scheme providers and local charities will provide practical advice and support to residents on:
energy usage
debt management
access to hardship funds
access to food larders
access to Government-funded energy efficiency measures for tenants, homeowners and private sector landlords
The event is open to all Oxford residents on a ‘drop-in’ basis in the Town Hall’s main hall, with a number of stalls staffed by experts, there to offer tailored advice and support face to face.
Please come along to find out what help is on offer - either for your tenants or in a personal capacity. We'd also ask you to publicise this event to your tenants to help them manage their bills and prevent problems with rent arrears.
The event forms part of a range of measures from the Council to support households. 
5) Oxford Recycles
I can recommend the reminder service below and please contact the Recycling Department is you are unable to put out your bins and need assisted scheme.
Recycling and waste collection day changes have been running for just over a month now. We want to thank our residents for taking note of the changes. To keep updated, residents can sign up to the new email reminder service:

6) Waste Wizard
This is an Oxfordshire wide recycling tool, you can put your postcode in and it tells you where you can recycle, reuse or repair all sorts of items.

1) House Fires
Did you know a house fire doubles in size every 30 seconds? That 1 in 3 people rescued from house fires in Oxfordshire are rescued from a cooking fire?
Distraction is one of the main causes and it’s easy to leave the cooking unattended if the phone goes or the doorbell rings, when we’re being distracted by children, family or friends, the TV or even whilst we do other jobs around the home.
2) Private e scooters
Transport secretary Grant Shapps says plans to legalise the use of privately-owned e-scooters on public roads will be unveiled next month.
Mr Shapps said legislation will be included in the Queen’s Speech on 10 May.
The legislation will focus on allowing the Government to “properly regulate” the standards of e-scooters that currently can be legally bought in shops, but only used on private land.
Mr Shapps says he wants privately-owned e-scooters to meet similar safety specifications as those involved in rental trials – “potentially even exceeding them”.
He repeatedly pledged to “crack down” on those which fail to do so.
The announcement followed a lengthy discussion about the use of both rental and privately owned e-scooters.
Mr Shapps described the ongoing trials of rental schemes as “broadly very successful” and “extremely popular”.
He noted that there had been no deaths associated with the trials, attributing this to the fact rental e-scooters “are made to the proper standards”, with features such as lighting and indicators.
The transport secretary also touched upon the importance of the devices having registration and the fact riders need to hold a driving licence.He said that the trials “have been useful in gathering data”.
When challenged about the use of privately-owned e-scooters, Mr Shapps acknowledged that “they’re a reality, they exist”. He went on to say “if these things exist they need to be made safe” – which is where the new legislation hopes to make an impact.
Mr Shapps stated that the legislation would introduce an e-scooter category, something which is currently missing. This would enable the Government to set standards for their usage.
He hinted that the legislation will also make retailers responsible for ensuring all e-scooters sold meet the new standards.

3) BT Landline changes
I put the concerns about landline change to Anneliese Dodds MP, who has given permission to share the attached letter. A website administrator contacted me to offer help to people and queries can be sent to James Clarke.
Ways to make calls during a power outage

4) Slow down (you're going too fast)
June 2020-June 2021 data
A report by revealed there were 1,390 fatalities and 23,149 serious injuries reported due to road accidents between June 2020 - June 2021.

5) Mandatory speed limiter
From 6 July 2022, all newly launched cars will legally have to be fitted with a speed limiter
The UK is likely to adopt the new speed limiting rules, even after Brexit
The driver will still be responsible for adhering to the speed limits
The European Commission has reached a provisional agreement that all new vehicles sold in Europe will be fitted with a speed limiter as a legal requirement from 6 July 2022. The 2019/2044 regulation also mandates all new cars that have already launched be fitted with an Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) by 7 July 2024.
While it hasn’t been decided, the UK will likely obey the new road safety regulations despite leaving the EU as even after Brexit, the UK has retained most EU laws for new cars. Following this agreement also helps in standardising the car manufacturing process for different markets.

7) Volunteer Celebration Award (OCVA)
Nominate a volunteer or organization for a celebration award - closing date 15th May

8) Road Closures
About 5,000 runners are expected to take part in the Muscular Dystrophy UK Oxford Town and Gown 10k run on Sunday, May 8.
Road closures will start to come into force from 8am on the Sunday morning and remain in operation until 12noon. 
The majority of the affected roads will be on a rolling closure system (ie will reopen as soon as the last runner has passed and it is safe to do so) apart from Parks Road, which will remain closed for the duration of the event.
The roads affected are listed below.
Bradmore Road, Blackhall Road, Broad Street, Catte Street, Cornmarket Street, Crick Road, Keble Road, Fyfield Road, High Street (except buses and taxis allowed in both directions using Stop/Go Traffic Management), Holywell Street, Jowett Walk, Longwall Street, Magdalen Street East, Mansfield Road, Market Street, Museum Road, New College Lane, Norham Gardens, Norham Road, Parks Road, Queens Lane, South Parks Road, St. Cross Road, Ship Street, Turl Street.
To coincide with these closures, parking in the certain residential parking bays will also be suspended.
Parking bays suspended from 00:00-12:30 on Sunday 8 May.
Longwall Street
Parks Road
High Street
Broad Street
Mansfield Road
Jowett Walk
Norham Gardens
Fyfield Road
Norham Road
Bradmore Road
Parking bays suspended from 18:00 Saturday 7 May until 12:30 on Sunday 8 May
Mansfield Road
9) Oxford EID Extravaganza 
Dear friends
We are really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
We wanted to make you aware that we only found out last night that we won’t be supplied with dodgems at the event. We are really disappointed but unfortunately this is out of our control. We have been working hard to replace them with other attractions so there will still be plenty for everyone to enjoy. However, we wanted to let you know so not to mislead anyone.
The weather is looking great. The stalls are ready for you and the attractions will give everyone plenty of enjoyment.
FREE entry and welcome to all. There are about 12/15 activities and you can buy a wristband for £15 for unlimited rides or buy individual/group tokens which vary from £3-5.
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Maggie Lewis (Neighbourhood Watch Network, Multi Scheme Administrator, Thames Valley, Oxford )
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