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If I am already registered on Thames Valley Alert (or any other Neighbourhood Alert site) do I need to register here?

No, the new business related service is integrated with the existing system, anyone already registered can add their workplace and role to the system in order to receive business related messages from Thames Valley Police. You do this by logging in to your existing account. If you are not registered on any Neighbourhood Alert powered system, please register here.

What personal information do you require?

To sign up to the new Thames Valley Business Alert system, you are required to complete an online registration form which will help us to target our information to you.

Will you share my details with other agencies?

During the registration process and from your administration area you will have the opportunity to review and select additional licensed information providers who will, if authorised by you, be able to see your data and send you messages. Although all the information providers listed may not be actively using the system at this time, you will be notified as they come on board. You can remove any information provider at any time.

Will you send me spam?

No. The communications that we send to you will only relate to the specific options that you have chosen during the registration process or what you have updated in your personal admin area.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can opt out of the entire system or update your settings to configure the types of messages that you want to receive and remove the ones you don’t want. E-mails from the new Business Alert system have a link at the bottom to ‘Change settings’; simply click on this link to review your settings and update them.

Why do you ask for my telephone and mobile number?

The new Business Alert system can allow us to use telephone and text services, however, most of our communication will go out via email, so it is important you include an email address. On some occasions, when we need to get information out to you urgently, we will use the telephone and text services.

How will I know emails are from Business Alert?

All Business Alert messages are sent within the secure Neighbourhood Alert system and are clearly branded as being from Business Alert. The person who sent the message will be clearly identified, along with the organisation they work for. Only trained administrators will be permitted to send messages through the Business Alert system.

Can I reply to the email?

Yes, we welcome your comments and thoughts. Clicking on the ‘Reply’ link at the bottom of a message will send your reply to the person who sent the message.

Do you read the replies?

Yes, all replies will be read. Please be aware that sometimes we will not reply if it is simply information you want to pass to us for our attention. Even if you do not hear from us directly then please be assured that everything you send us will be actioned or reviewed.

Do others see my e-mail address?

No, other subscribers will not see any of your details, only the Information Providers you have selected will be able to see your details.

Can I forward or print out Business Alert messages and share it with friends, or is it confidential?

The messages are not confidential and we welcome you to introduce others to the scheme. We do advise that you remove any personal details you do not wish to share, such as e-mail addresses.

Can my friends and family join?

Yes. Friends and family can register by visiting or for business related messages here on

Can I change my contact details if I move house or internet provider?

Yes, use the links at the bottom of the Business Alert e-mail, or visit your account details on the Business Alert website
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